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Being An Artist Means Forever Healing Your own Wounds and At The Same Time Endlessly Exposing Them

Making Boho or Bohemian jewelry has become a sincere passion of mine. The Boho style is truly a vibe. The whimsical beauty of unconventional elements put together to create a harmonious statement about who you are, how you feel and how you view life is, in my opinion, the essence of the Bohemian style.

Making my jewelry pieces mostly by hand are extremely important to me. It not only gives my pieces character, but it is also therapeutic for me. In the way that you express yourself through jewelry, clothes, hair and make up as well as the décor you buy, I can express myself through the jewelry I make.

I hand craft each piece using either polymer clay, resin, wood, real flowers, precious silver metal clay (PMC) and gemstones. I love using polymer clay and silver metal clay because it gives me more freedom to create one of kind designs. I love including natural elements because incorporating the earth is also important to me. Using different textures and prints of textiles as well as implementing a variety of metals gives a free-spirited fluidity to my pieces.

My jewelry usually ranges between $10 to $40 each. Though my jewelry is hand crafted and each piece is well thought out in creativity and artistry; I also feel it's important that my jewelry is affordable. My designs are for the every day free-spirited woman that works hard but also enjoys having fun and treating herself as well as others. I don't want anyone to feel anxious over a purchase that really moves them or makes them feel good.

If time allows, I'm always open to custom designs for you too! Here is where I take a little experience from my last vocation as a cosmetologist or hair dresser. Consultation was always key to find out what my client wanted her or his hair to look and FEEL like. Having a little one on one time gave us the ability to find out what was desired and to see if it was achievable. Feel free to send me a message if you have something specific in mind.


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