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Boho Chic Jewelry Display DIY

Hey guys! I'm back with another quick and SIMPLE DIY!

Naturally, I love jewelry and I have a lot of it. So how do I organize and store all my pieces? I have made a few of these display jewelry holders and they sit on top of my dresser. This way my jewelry can easily be seen and readily available for me to quickly choose the ones I want to wear for the day.

I got my supplies at the $ Tree except for the glue gun. You can sometimes find the glue sticks at $ Tree though.

To begin, get yourself a couple of plates. The amount of tiers is totally up to you. Just remember the higher you go the more sturdy and wider your bottom plate needs to be. If your base plate is large try to use smaller plates as you go up. Here I used two small saucer plates and two martini glasses. I only used two tiers so I was able to use two plates that were the same size. I absolutely love the color and rustique design of these plates! So Boho- Chic!

All you need to do is glue around the edges of the glass and attach to the plates. Here I used hot glue so that they would adhere instantly for the purpose of this DIY. I would advise using a stronger industrial glue like E6000 for a more durable long lasting hold especially when holding your precious jewels. Place a heavy book on top or use clamps to hold the plates to the glasses overnight when using the E6000. For the project you can use glasses, bowls or candle sticks to build your display! Be creative!

Here is how it turned out! You can store your bracelets, earrings, and rings without mess and in a beautiful Boho-Chic way!

I hope this was inspiring and helpful! Let me know if you try this out at home and what you think!


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