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Life is Too Short to Wear Everyone Else's Jewelry

Here at the Nomadic Tree Jewelry you'll find one of a kind artisan jewelry pieces. From earrings to necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Every piece of jewelry you purchase is hand made here in my home studio. I hand craft and design each one with passion and intent. My jewelry line is easy going and fun to wear. It's nature inspired that expresses your love of natural beauty, but with some flare because mother nature is like that sometimes. My desire is to give you something unique that isn't mass produced by someone you don't know and a piece of jewelry that you can really relate to because it's an expression of your beliefs, feelings, and life. Your style your way.

I use many different types of materials to create each piece of jewelry. Polymer clay and precious metal clays, which I love due it's versatility and the freedom it gives me to create artisan one of kind pieces. I enjoy working with clays because I can sculpt and mold to create truly one of a kind wearable art. Polymer clay is very lightweight and easy to wear vs. other types of mediums. I love using different types of metals, natural gemstones and beads as well to create earthy nature inspired pieces that are eclectic and fun to wear.

Some of my jewelry components are out sourced, but many of them I make here in my studio with a variety of tools and always high quality. With just the right angle and pressure I can achieve the desired effects when hammering copper. Using my bare hands to sculpt gives character and unique texture to my flowers.

Express your true self. Stop dipping into the community jewelry box and discovery a jewelry line made just for you. Support small handmade businesses and feel good about supporting a dream knowing that you're appreciated and thought of during each design process. Express your unique style and feel confident that it's yours and yours alone.

If you're ready to venture out and experience an exciting way to wear jewelry you're in for a treat here with the Nomadic Tree. Thanks for taking the time read! Namaste!

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