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Rainy September

September (at least in my neck of the woods) is a very rainy month so I thought I would share some tips on how to keep your hair and makeup looking NOT so soggy!


1- Try an up do or braid it back. Try a messy bun or a fun sporty high ponytail.

2- Don't over do the hair products on a rainy day. DO use an anti frizz serum and heat protectant when styling.

3- Make sure your hair is completely and I mean completely dry by blow drying it before leaving your house. This will help with the dreaded FRIZZ.


1- Use a good primer. You want your makeup to stay when in and out of the rain.

2- Tinted moisturizer. Just a thin coat of tinted moisturizer will actually last a lot longer than your own foundation, especially if you are out in a humid rain!

3- Waterproof mascara

4- Cream blush. When it's raining, you want something that is going to show up and something that is going to stick. That's exactly what cream blush will do for you.

Let me know if you find these helpful!


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