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Welcome to my new website!

Hi Tree Fam! It's been about a week since the launch of my new website and I couldn't be more happy! Thank you for your support! This website will be under construction as far as getting more blogs up, which I'm hoping to do more of soon.

I have a couple of quick announcements to make.

You can still access jewelry in my Etsy store! There is a link at the top left side of the home page here.

I'm having an AFTER LABOR DAY FLASH SALE on Sept. 7, 2021. One day only. You can get 10% off any jewelry!


I'll be closing shop for about 2 weeks starting on Sept. 15th, 2021 for some maintenance both for me and the shop. So you will not be able to place any orders during that time. I should open the shop up after Oct. 1, 2021. And will have NEW collections to add soon after!

Thank you, again for being such wonderful clients and friends!

Much love,


The Nomadic Tree

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