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What's Up With Your Dingy Brass?

Have you ever bought brass jewelry? Many people find brass appealing because of it's resemblance to gold. It has the look of gold without the $$. I know, in the beginning it's absolutely gorgeous and you fall in love with it's shiny golden hue, but after you purchase and wear it a few times it begins to tarnish. You might become slightly disappointed, but RELAX. No worries! Brass is just doing what brass does and you can easily bring it back to life!

Brass does tarnish, but it is resistant to corrosion and it doesn't rust. The reason brass tarnishes over time is because it's an alloy or copper and zinc. When exposed to oxygen it naturally tarnishes. Introduce oils from your skin, in addition to oxygen, the oils act as an accelerant. Some people actually like the natural tarnish on brass as it also acts as a protective layer, but if this isn't your thing don't worry. I'm going to share with you some quick and easy things you can do to make your brass all shiny and new.

How to Clean Your Brass

  1. Use a polishing cloth. You can get these pretty cheap from any store that sells jewelry or jewelry supplies. You can even use a nail buffer.

  2. Soap and water for a gentle clean. Make sure you test it on a spot of your jewelry to make sure it's safe then dry THOUROUGHLY. If any water remains on your jewelry it will cause it to tarnish even more.

That's it! Two simple ways you can keep your brass jewelry looking beautiful and like new!

The ancient Romans used brass for vessels, armor and jewelry so it's been around a long time. Since it is resistant to corrosion many archeologists have found many brass artifacts still intact. Even though brass naturally tarnishes it also naturally lasts! With a little TLC you'll be able to wear your brass pieces for a long time to come.

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