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What Your Jewelry Reveals About Your Personality

Jewelry is the universal form of adornment. It is one of the earliest forms of body decoration. Making and wearing jewelry dates back to ancient times some 90,000 years or more. Early pieces consisted of items found in nature like shells, wood, stones, and feathers. These pieces had special meaning that signified beliefs or affiliations and could also be a form of expression of social status. Ancient peoples were known to be superstitious and amulets and charms were used to protect them from evil spirits. Amulets were also worn to show strengths as in great warriors and hunters. Through the ages jewelry has changed a great deal, but one thing that remains the same is the importance of each piece.

History tells us that jewelry was used as a tool to make statements about who we are and identify ourselves to others. A way to make a first impression to newcomers. Jewelry has a way of expressing our personalities and giving a glimpse into what we care about. It's also a tool to enhance one's beauty. It is human nature to want to stand out from the rest. Studies have shown that jewelry can increase a person's self confidence.

What is personality? Personality is the combination of one's unique way of thinking, feeling, and behaviors. It is the total qualities, traits, and character or behaviors of a specific individual. Wearing jewelry can and most likely will be one way you introduce and identify yourself to others.

So what does your jewelry say about you?

Let's look into some of the different jewelry personality types.

What Your Jewelry Reveals About Your Personality

You're the life of the party!

You love to wear large pendant or thick dangly necklaces. Big hoop or statement earrings and extravagant rings with bold colorful stones or gems is your thing. You do double takes when you see costume jewelry. You are a master conversationalist and generous host. Your cheerful disposition is admired and sought out. You are an extrovert and bubbly and people like you and want to be around you because you are so much fun.

Color Coordinated

Matching sets that match your outfits catch your eye. Gold necklaces and bracelets with matching earrings or a nice set of pearls are your "go to" pieces. You are extremely neat and tidy. A responsible human, a gracious host and an excellent conversationalist that others come to for advice.

Down to Earth

While your style consists of bright bold colors you are drawn to earthy tones and jewelry made from natural elements. Bangle bracelets and mixed media necklaces made from recycled materials are your jam. You appreciate nothing more than handmade jewelry that reminds you of the world around you. You love shopping at antique and thrift stores and gravitate towards the Bohemian lifestyle. You are interested in pieces that express your love of nature and the outdoors. You have a special awareness of the world around you. You have an eclectic flair and whimsical air about you. You are a nature lover, a peace maker and naturally have a nurturing nature.


Elegant and simple styles is your preference. Your classic tastes has you sporting pearls, diamond studs, and tennis bracelets. You are traditional in your way of thinking and generationally family focused. You usually prefer a quiet evening rather than going to loud places. People find your classic taste in clothing, furnishings, and jewelry impressive, and they appreciate your interesting, but understated personality. You like everything just right and in it's place. Your simple, elegant jewelry makes you look perfectly poised no matter what the situation.

The Very Best

You enjoy the finer things in life. You never settle for anything less than what you deserve and only name brands will do for you. You are very familiar with brands like Neiman Marcus, Cartier, Bvlgari, Harry Winston, Tiffany, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Only high end the "best of the best" jewelry will do for you. You know exactly what you want in life and how you are going to get it and you're not afraid to work hard for it. You are a person with high self esteem, meticulous and you always pay close attention to details in all aspects of life. You aspire to radiate confidence and clout.

Sun in Splendor


You don't care about what's trending or what celebrity's are wearing or even brand names because you prefer putting your own mark on the fashion world. You adorn yourself with vintage or rare and unusual pieces. Wearing jewelry to you is more than a statement, it's a form of wearable art that tells a story or has meaning. You don't want to be like everyone else and it shows. Trendsetters are genuine, raw, and somewhat fearless. They dare to dream and prefer freedom over unnecessary boundaries.


These people are not very interested in drawing attention to themselves when it comes to fashion. They are too busy on the go with a very active life. They want to look good without giving up the things they enjoy doing. They are also highly motivated and love jewelry engraved with inspirational sayings. They like simple jewelry that is both stylish and versatile to fit their "work hard play hard" lifestyle. They appreciate the look of polished metal and interesting silhouettes are appealing. If you are a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, then it’s likely that you have an appreciation for all the best things in life as well as a sense of balance. They are low-key, comfortable in their own skin and ready to experiment when they need to. Their personality is thoughtful, and habits tend to be orderly. They portray a worldly charm despite their pared-down wardrobe.

minimalist leaf earrings

We usually don't get second chances when it comes to first impressions. It's just human nature or some could say the "human condition". Our clothes, speech, hairstyle, make up and even our jewelry can make a statement about who we are or what we're about. You may fit into one or even more than one of these categories. All of these different types are valid and useful in every day life. There is no wrong or right way. Jewelry is as unique as the person wearing it.

What message do you send out to the world?

This was really fun and interesting to research and write about. I had never really looked into jewelry preferences in this way. I don't think that any of this is the "end all be all" of how we choose to wear jewelry. Just something fun to think about. Namaste!

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