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The Gift of Giving

I read once that buying gifts for one another is what "separates us from the animal kingdom". Gift giving is a way for us to build relationships. A way for us to celebrate life, love and friendships.

Giving a special gift to someone can be a very powerful thing; invoking emotions and demonstrating how you feel about that person.

When you find that perfect gift for that special someone it becomes an extension of yourself. As you put in the time, energy and thought, you give a peace of yourself along with the gift. You're showing your personality and generosity as a human being.

The act of giving a gift goes beyond the amount of money spent or the need. As we think about giving gifts to others, sometimes, our mind goes to 'spending the most expresses the most', but that's simply not true. In most cases the simplicity of the gift can mean more. Or the thought and intention often carries more weight than the price tag. It's more about showing people that you care for and think about them and it coming from the heart that is far more valuable and long lasting.

It's important to let our friends and family know how much we care and value them. Not just in giving gifts, but in our every day interactions. Reassurance is comforting and reminds us of the warm human connections we have. It lets us know we are cared for, which is something every human being desires and needs from time to time.

This is why I take great care in packaging every jewelry order. Whether you're purchasing a gift for someone special or gifting yourself. Each order comes carefully packaged to ensure safe transport from my studio to you and includes a little something extra each time. You or your recipient will receive your jewelry beautifully boxed and gift giving ready - always.

Right now, my current "little something extras" are these beautiful 3-D butterfly stickers and a glass vile of lavender buds. I appreciate each and every one of you. Enjoy!

It is my gift to you!


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